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Forms & FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Experience. While there are many companies to choose from, finding a healthcare recruiting firm that understands the health industry is most important. Being able to forecast trends and adjust to an environment that is constantly evolving, New Heritage Recruiters’ level of expertise is what separates us from the rest.Knowledge. From Client Sales Consultants to Physician Recruiters to Privileging Specialists, New Heritage Recruiters employees have full knowledge of the mental health recruiting industry. We are not only available to assist in your search for the perfect psychiatric physician, but also want to increase your knowledge along the way.

Customer Service. It is our pledge at New Heritage Recruiters, to partner with you to understand exactly what type of candidate you are interested in, and work to the best of our abilities to find a physician that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Locum Tenens is a Latin phrase that means “to hold the place of.”A Locum Tenens Physician or Nurse Practitioner provides health services for a healthcare facility when they are short-staffed or filling in for a physician in their absence. However we at New Heritage Recruiters, recognize what it means to all involved: the physician, the client, and your patients. We want to make sure that you and your patients are comfortable with any candidates that webring forward during your time of need.

Yes, through our recruiting efforts we speak with hundreds of providers every day and it is not uncommon for us to find candidates who are looking for a long-term or permanent position. Many candidates and facilities also prefer to utilize locum tenens as a way to explore, or test-drive a scenario, before making a long-term commitment. That being said, if we are aware of your recruiting needs, and we have a candidate who can satisfy that need, we will do everything we can to facilitate a proper match.

Semi-retired: These individuals may have reached a point in their career where they do not want or need to work year round, and they may like the idea of traveling to do temporary assignments. They look at locum positions as a way to earn extra income, stay active in their field, and/or add some variety to their practice and lifestyle.

Mid-Career: These individuals are in the prime of their career and may use their vacation time to do locum work or they may have chosen locum tenens as a full-time practice model. The reasons for such a choice are nearly endless, including the desire for travel and variety, or to avoid things such as “the business” of medicine, office politics, and the hassle of billing/collecting/insurance.

New Graduates and 3rd or 4th Year Residents/Fellows: Many younger providers will use locum tenens as a way to enter their field. Locum tenens offers new providers a way to “test-drive” different facilities, practice settings and geographic locations before settling down. It is also a nice financial option, as medical malpractice insurance, travel/lodging costs, and some license costs may be absorbed by New Heritage Recruiters.

It is standard in the Locum Tenens industry that providers be considered Independent Contractors for both New Heritage Recruiters and you. As such, each provider is responsible for the payment of their own taxes. Additionally, New Heritage Recruiters does not engage in the practice of medicine and does not control the manner in which the providers perform their medical services. You, as the client, may provide some policy and procedural information with regard to your facility, but neither New Heritage Recruiters nor do you exercise control over how a Locums provider practices medicine. You will be responsible for determining the provider’s schedule, hours worked, patients seen, etc., but each provider is working as an independent contractor.

Our aim is to be your recruiting partner. We are not going to dictate rates to you. Rather, we are going to work with you to establish cost expectations. We will guide you through industry standards, and then work with you to create a budget that fits your parameters and allows us the flexibility to find good, qualified candidates. We will then present each candidate with a specific rate – this puts you in control by allowing you to review the candidate, his/her experience, qualifications, credentials, etc., along with the cost proposal, before making a decision. If you would prefer a more traditional approach of establishing a specific rate in advance of seeing candidates, we are open to that as well. Again, our aim is to be your partner in the recruitment process. We will work with you to find the approach that works best for your needs.

No, you are not charged until a provider has officially been hired onto your workforce. New Heritage Recruiters is not a “retained” search firm.

Once a provider begins working for you, they will fill out a time-sheet (provided by us or you depending on your preference) which is signed off by a specified contact at your facility and then submitted to New Heritage Recruiters. We will send you an invoice for the time worked by the provider and handle direct payment to the provider for their services.

We will work with you to get an agreement in place prior to submitting candidates to you. The agreement does not obligate you to work with New Heritage Recruiters, but lays the groundwork for us to work together. We have a standard agreement that we typically use, but are also comfortable working with an agreement authored by your organization. Our aim is to be your partner, so we strive to be flexible in setting up any agreement. We want to establish a foundation that works well for your organization and for New Heritage Recruiters.