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The Client

The customer is a mental health correctional facility located in the Midwest.  The facility houses different levels of inmates who require ongoing healthcare. 

The Challenge

The company was faced with many needs for different types of providers. As inmate populations increased, the need for ongoing health coverage for inmates increased. The facility found themselves lacking basic coverage of physicians, psychiatrists, registered nurses, psychologists, nurse practitioners and more to meet the state requirements of coverage for inmates. 

NHR at Work

New Heritage Recruiters was successful at providing two very skilled and experienced providers to fill both open positions. New Heritage Recruiters was able also able to work with the facility to meet both their budgetary needs as well as the needs of the patients. Since New Heritage Recruiters listens to their facilities first, they understood that there was a challenge of finding a perfect physician who was just as skilled as others who did not meet the facilities budget. The facility was happy to sign on not just one but two providers who met their financial needs as well as patient care values. New Heritage Recruiters was successful at providing multiple providers for the many available positions in a short amount of time compared to other recruiting specialists. New Heritage Recruiters was also able to provide these providers for a significantly lower cost than other competitors and assisted the facility by covering the providers malpractice insurance.  New Heritage Recruiters listened to this facility, understood their needs, and helped them overcome their challenge of finding the right providers. 


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