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A sign showing: Main Lobby, Physician Offices, Radiology, Surgery Center, Patient Pickup

The Client

The customer is a rural hospital system located in Virginia.  The facility provides coverage to an underprivileged population.

The Challenge

The facility was faced with a lack of providers due to its rural location. Many physicians and nurses did not want to work at a facility that was far from the city and serving a population that would not help profitability. The facility also had a tough time finding the right provider or utilizing recruitment firms as they had a limited budget and were unable to pay such high rates and fees.

NHR at Work

New Heritage Recruiters was successful at providing two very skilled and experienced providers to fill both open positions. New Heritage Recruiters was able also able to work with the facility to meet both their budgetary needs as well as the needs of the patients. Since New Heritage Recruiters listens to their facilities first, they understood that there was a challenge of finding a perfect physician who was just as skilled as others who did not meet the facilities budget. The facility was happy to sign on not just one but two providers who met their financial needs as well as patient care values. 

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