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High angle shot of a team of doctors using a digital tablet to view scans in a hospital

The Client

The customer is a smaller clinic located in the East Coast.  The clinic sees various age populations and is trying to expand.

The Challenge

The clinic was faced with the problem of finding quality providers within their budget. The clinic needed therapists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, and a psychiatrist to meet their growing population. They did not want to continue to outsource their clients to other larger clinics or facilities but rather be a one stop shop for the best coverage possible. 

NHR at Work

New Heritage Recruiters was successful at working with the clinic to understand their budgetary needs. New Heritage Recruiters found quality physicians at a lower cost than other competitors. Since New Heritage Recruiters not only covered malpractice insurance, travel expenses, and worked with the clinic to create a payment schedule, the clinic was able to hire on more providers than they had initially hoped to bring on. This helped the clinic in their hopes to expand and increase revenue and provide better patient care. New Heritage Recruiters made sure to understand this clinics needs by listening to them carefully, working with them, and helping them overcome their challenge of finding quality providers within their budget. 

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